My Book 10 TB does nothing

I’ve lost my 10 TB WD My Book. It does nothing.

It was after a trip, perhaps it suffer during the travel due to speed bumps.

Or perhaps because by mistake I introduced my laptop 19v charger, instead of its proper charger.

So it does absolutely nothing. Ubuntu doesn’t try to mount, no sounds, no click of death, nothing…

I disasembly it, removed the USB and power interface and connected via USB adapter, but it still did nothing.

I inspected PCB and it seems normal

What could have happened to this hard disk?

I have another 8TB My Book. How could use it’s hardware to extract the info without loosing my 8TB disk?

Is there any other option to solve it at home?


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Hi @espinete,

Please refer below link to help you with trouble shooting steps:


Before suggesting any solution I would like to know the status of your drive in disk management. Please see and share whether it is visible in disk management or not. And if it is visible then what is the status of that drive?