My Book 1 TB wont spin - no power light etc

7 mos old- non-spinning  1TB caviar  My Book 1 TB  dead ?   

Just stopped for no reason today 

took it out of the enclosure  - thinking it could have been a faulty power connection

Put it in another enclosure - took it to TekServe Service in NYC    Thet said dead 

recommended data recovery     - am trying now to figure out where to send it  Or what to do 

and my chance of success - it just stopped , was not dropped , or anything    

I need the data on it - not backed up : )

any thoughts on possible outcomes solutions ?  thanks

You can do it yourself with less $$ or hire a pro.

There are lots of free software you can download it online.

If you do it yourself, be prepare with lots of patience, time.

It may takes days to complete.

That is why those data recovery guys charge big money.

Here are some of the data recovery software:

  R-Studio for Mac Data Recovery  

  Zipeg for Macintosh

  Mac Data Recovery Software

Mac Data Recovery

  Apple Mac Data Recovery Software

  Mac Data Recovery program

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