My book 1.5t

about 2 years ago the mini usb connection on my 1.5 t broke out, i just picked up a hard drive docking station and hooked it all up but it’s not showing upon my computer

it does show up in disk management as below

Disk 1


1397.26 gb

not Initalized

if anyone has any idea that would help please respond

(wifes 2tb has the same thing wrong too)

hers got knocked off the computer desk

Hi, if you don’t need to recover the files, you can initialize and then format the hard drive. If you have one of the my book models that support hardware encryption you wont be able to recover the files it it’s not connected to the case. You can also use DLG to run a test.

Guessing I may have to get mini USB soldiered in again cause I would like to recover data on it

Also what is that run test? Forgive my lack of computer knowledge

The test is for bad sectors and problems on the drive. If you had the board repaired once that may be the problem again.