My almost new My Passport SSD 1TB stopped working

Hi, I am in big trouble. My less than a year old My Passport SSD (1TB) is not connecting to my mac or windows pc anymore… I have another 512GB exactly the same SSD, which works fine (using the same USB-C) cable. Infact, this 1TB disk was also good just a few week ago. Any suggestions? I have close to 800Gb on this SSD drive. I went against my wife to purchase this SSD, considering the I respect I had for WD (now, its fading away) :frowning:

Any help in this regard would be highly appreciated!

Quit an oldy, but maybe it works …

WD My Passport Ultra Not Showing Up/Detected


SSD stopped working means you are unable to view the drive on your system. So to deal with this issue what you need to do is just go to the device manager and look for the attached drive. See if it is listed there, once you see the drive do right-click on it and then select the update driver software option. I believe updating drives driver software will make your drive visible again.

It’s not visible anywhere?

Ok. So it is not available anywhere then I would suggest you to use the diskpart command to see if it lists your drive in CMD prompt or not. Just connect the drive and open the cmd and run the diskpart command.