My Alerts Button Non-Functional On My Cloud Bar

Please forgive me if this topic has already been asked and answered, but I could not find any relevant hits when searching.

I have two WDC EX2’s, one is the primary target and one is the backup. The first one I brought up has a non-functional alerts button on the blue My cloud bar at the top of the Settings page (The Bell Icon). The button is there, it just will not take a click. As a result old messages cannot be cleared and keep showing up as pop-ups on my Windows machine. Is this a browser cache issue or a EX2 firmware issue?

The other EX2’s alert button is working just fine.

Thanks in advance.


Have you tried resetting the unit?

Are you accessing the other drive from this computer as well?
Just is case, try clearing the computer cache.

If restart =reset, then yes.

I have cleared the cache with no change in problem.