My 500GB hard drive

My 500GB WD external hard drive when really fine before i upgrade my OS to mountain lion, but after i install the mountain lion software, it did not want to recognize my HD. when i plugged in to my macbook pro, it just did not show any tab of my HD. how to resolve this? all my important files are in the HD

Did you try to connect the hard drive to another Mac just to be sure is not a hardware problem? You can also check if the hard drive is recognized on the disk utility tool.

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I did try to connect with other mac that is not using OS mountain lion and it was working fine… thanks a lot

I did try to verify my HD, but it still not appear in my computer. it is just weird…

OK, since the hard drive is not the problem follow the link below and find your model and check if you have the latest firmware update. What is your hard drive model by the way?