MY 500 Gb WD 3.0 shows 931Gb

My 500Gb WD Passport HDD is showing space more than its actual capacity. I have tried different tools to diagnose the problem but no problem was found. I format it, scan it, chkdisk repair it, test from WD Lifegaurd, wrote zero zero but still showing 931Gb instead of 500 Gb.
can somebody please help me out from this problem.

i’ve only heard of hdd problems of showing less capacity … not more

you sure it’s a 500GB ? … what’s the Model Number ?

Double check the model number using Data LifeGuard Diagnostics … in case there was a label mix-up (which could happen i suppose ? 931GB is a 1TB HDD)

lastly, what happens if you fill up the drive > with over 500GB of data ?

Where did you purchase it also, out of curiosity ?

Thank You My Problem is solved.

How did you solve the problem ? :neutral_face:

You were right it is 1TB but label was mixed up and i was confused with that because i baught it 3 years back .so i registered the product and found that it is 1 TB.
Thank You for your help.

ok, no probs :slight_smile: