My 3TB Mybook external drive wont save new files

It lets me have access to download what I have saved on it, but will not let me save anything else on it. HELP


Can you provide some more detail.

Any error messages?

How do the access the drive; WD Backup? WD Smartware? Something else?

What computer and Operating System.


I have a similar problem with a My Book 10 Tb WDBBGB0100HBK. It has worked well for 3 months but has stopped allowing me to save files on the drive - error message “You can’t save here. Please choose another location”. This first occurred when I was doing a routine manual back up of several libraries on the PC… I can still access files already saved. The WD utilities app suggests I download a new/different driver from Paragon Software. I’m still on Windows 7, about to set to work a new PC but I wish to have all files backed up before I make the change. Any useful advice will be gratefully received!

I’ve run the three programs in WD Drive Utilities: Run Drive Status Check, Run Quick Drive Test and Run Complete Drive Test. The drive passes all 3 tests. But it still won’t let me save to the WD drive.