My 3D LG Smart TV does not see SRT files in the directories

Hi Guys,

I have My Book Live Network Storage with 3 TB. My Book works with RJ45 connect to my router. The product documentation says it is compatible with DLNA. Few weeks ago I bought a new 3D LG Smart TV model 42LF6500. This TV have a smart share software and also it is compatible with DNLA.

I can see and play all the movies in my new TV, but SRT files it is not displayed in the screen. Navigating using LG Smart share I could see the movies files like MP4, MKV and AVI, but the SRT files is not displayed. Using another computers in my personal LAN, I could see the SRT files. Only in the TV screen I could not see them.

Question: Is there any other special permission to grant TV access to see SRT files?

Other infos: All the files and SRT files have the same name and still in the same directory.
If I embedded the SRT files with MKV files I could see the movies without any problem, but do this with 1.8 TB it will be a problem for me.

I really appreciate if you have a solution for this issue.

Thanks in advance
Andre Maia

Hi, the My Book Live have 2 DLNA software, which one are you using?