My 3200 external hard drive isn't receiving power

I have a WD3200 external hard drive and went to use it last night at an event for music. It didn’t receive power, even after using several outlets.

Since I’m a DJ, I always have a back up with music stored on my laptop.

But the external drive has most of what I use.

Just the other day, I plugged in to an outlet and it turned on. Any ideas as to what may be the problem?

It may be a bad power supply. If it’s still in warranty contact WD they’ll probably send you a new one.


I found a power cord where I bought this unit from. Now, my computer says the drive isn’t recognizable.

Is that a USB issue? Do I need another USB cable?

Forgive me for asking, but there are other USB ports in back of this hard drive. What are they for?

Can either of these be used to send data to flashdrives, other computers?

What OS are you using? If it’s Windows does the drive show in Disk Management and what does it say? Look down where it shows the drives as bars.


Thanks for helping, Joe.

Windows XP.

I never had the issue prior to yesterday and today.

I cheched and it says


But says not recongizable in separate window and restarts


With a new power cord, my 3200 external hard drive turns on ok, but after several minutes,  no matter which computer I use, it’s not recognized by either one.

How do I retrieve the data instead of sending each one individually to another location(my documents, flash drive, etc)

Is it a driver or usb port that’s broken? Possibly the usb cord from the hard drive?