My 3 TB green drive spins up then stops

i went to power it up and it starting spinning and then it just shuts off. only 3 months old will the circuit board off an 1.5 TB  green drive work on my HDD ???  they look exactly the same the circuit  boards .

Hi no the circuit board from a 1.5 tb wont work. Also if you remove the pcb or any other parts you void your warranty.

Size of the drive has nothing to do with compatibility of the boards. The boards would be compatible as long as the part numbers on the boards are matching regardless of their size. 2 boards looking alike is not enough to ensure compatibility, they need to have same numbers to work. Can you take pics of both boards? And their part numbers?

For the donor board to work with your drive, you need to move U12 positioned 8 pin chip from original to donor board. That chip contains some adaptive data that is unique to almost each drive.

However, if your drive spins up and then spins down most likely the problem is with something else other than the board.

Does your drive click few times before spinning down?