My 2tb external hard drive is not being read by my computer or ps3 anymore?

I have had my external hard drive for around 2 years now & have had it formatted to work on my tv & ps3 aswell. it has always worked but today i filled all the memory with music & movies and now it wont show up on anything (tv, ps3 or computer) I noticed that the blue light was flashing. Could someone please help me out & tell me whats up with my hard drive please??

Hi: I have the xact same problem, My Passport external drive when I connect it to my laptop is not beng read. After aprox 5+ minutes, is a message pops out telling I need to format the drive. Can I format it with out loosing my data? I have this drive since 2009. Please tell me your opinion.

Hay, you might have to have it formatted but im not too sure. i had mine formatted but the shop i took it to said they could only format 500gbs to work on my ps3 & tv which i thought was slack, especially when they charged me more than they initially said. I might have to take it back & see what the problem is

& yes they should be able to format it & keep your data on there.