My 1TB won't show up on my desktop anymore


I am not sure what to do here, i use my external for a lot of storage so i have a lot on it… and now it won’t show up on my desktop or anywhere else. I have never dropped it, nothing has ever happened to damage it, save for the non-ejected disconnections that happen from time to time for everyone.  There isn’t a clicking sound, just the same ol’whirr and blinking lights. Something weird however, where it used to show how much storage is full with the light bar, it is now not showing anything… does that mean that all my data is forever lost (shudder) or is it possible to say that all i need to do is wave my little IT wand and everything is okay… Please help!  


Hi there!!

First thing I would do, would be to check if the drive is found on disk utility (Go> Utilities> Disk utility) to see if I can run first aid/repair on the disk, if not I’d try Disk Warrior (Powerful but not free).

If it’s see on disk utility but it can’t be fixed then I would try to recover the data with TestDisk, which is a free data recovery tool…

Now, if it is nowhere to be seen, then I’d contact data recovery…

Good luck!!

well, the biggest thing is just getting it so it will show up on my computer period. I am going to try it on a friend’s computer but we’ll see from there… I just feel like something weird is going on and it is driving me crazy. not exactly something i like to deal with during midterms lol. i just want the **bleep** thing to work.