My 1TB my book fell

I was in the bathroom and heard a small noise… came out and my HDD was on the floor… the dogs must have gottten caught up int he wires… anyway it fell onto a dog bed that is softer then my pillows… At first when I plugged the disc in it workd… I stopped going postal and went to work.  came home to watch  a movie, and nothing.  Sometimes when I plug it in no lights come on the front.  sometimes the two lights stay steady.  the strange thing is if i hold the HDD while its spinning it almost gives me that same feeling of magnets pushing away from eachother.  I was geussing the HDD became unseated somehow and now is not level.  Can this be fixed… is the data recoverable. 

oh also my computer doesnt see the HDD.

Note: WD warranty will not honor dropped drive.

Removed the drive case will also void the warranty.

However, you can find out if the actual drive is still working.

You have to remove the case cover,

To check the actual drive is still connected or loose from the circuit board.

If it loose, re-connect it by pushing the drive against the circuit board.

Plug the power to the board and USB, then to the computer.

If the computer is recognize the drive, good. Re-assemble the drive.

If not, connect the drive internally to the SATA cable on the computer

To see if the actual drive is still working.

If yes, good for the drive. But the USB circuit board may be broken and open circuit. 

If not, the drive is dead.  That is it.