My 1 TB WD passport not responding


I have a 1 TB external HDD which is almost full.It contains all my backup files.It is used very rarely.I connected it once and suddenly the drive was taking long to respond,the drive was shown after some time but the disk space was blank.When I checked it in disk management,the disk was shown healthy,but the format was blank.Later on checking properties it shows Raw disk.The white light on the Hdd is blinking with no abnormal sound.

I have run the Hd tune software and thedisk is shown to be healthy.there is no conflict of drive letter.

Is there any way I can convert the raw file system into NTFS without loosing my data.Have downloaded testdisk recovery software but not used it.

Please sugeest how i could get over this problem.


If the file system fail you can testdisk to try to repair. The application is free you can search for it online.

Thanks.Finally recovered most of the data.But whem I am trying to format it,getting the error that disc cant be formatted.Tried quicks format,used wd diagnostics and got the same reply.Too many bad sectors detected.

Is is possible to get bad sectors on an external hdd even if it is not dropped? 

Can it be repaired using software etc?

Please guide me through it.