My 1.5TB My Passport 0748 USB external drive will not install on my Dell DIM4600 desktop computer

I have a Dell DIM4600 desktop currently running a USB WD 3200BMV external drive for backup and I would like to replace it with a My Passport 0748 1.5TB USB external drive. When I plug in the 0748 drive I get the Windows New Equipment wizard. If I cancel the wizard the drive does not install (does not show up in My Computer or in Disk Manager). I am running Windows XP Pro with SP3. The Dell as a 2.8GHz processor, USB 2.0 ports, and 2GB of RAM. The WD 3200BMV drive works fine. I can not get the 0748 to install. How can I download drivers for this external hard disk so I can use it on my Dell desktop computer? When I allow the Install Wizard to search for a driver, it can not find one. I realize that the current WD 3200BMV drive uses a windows driver (5.1.2535.1) but I can not seem to select that driver for the 0748 drive. What am I doing wrong?

Try to manually add the drive letter for the Passport on the Disk Management window.

How to change the drive letter assignment in Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP or 2000 

If the computer does not “see” the drive, you can not use Disk Management to name it or access it. Thanks for the suggestion but this will not work.

You also can not use Disk Management to “add” a new drive according to the MS notes.