Mutliple FTP users for remote downloads

I have been trying to get FTP to work with multiple users but can’t seem to get it to work.  My network is setup correct, port forwarding and all that stuff however when I try to connect via FTP with another user other than the admin account I get access denied error 530.  I am setting the NAS up to share computer based training videos with clients and they each need to see specific folders when logged in via filezilla.  I hope someone on here can shed light on the situation and I pray the device isn’t setup to where only the admin can FTP in because that would be rather wasteful…  Thanks for any help.


Hi, check if the link below helps.


 Thanks for the reply.  I have looked at that and I can access my FTP setup from outside my LAN but only using the built in admin credentials.  It doesn’t matter if I use a web browser, Filezilla or any other FTP software.  Any other user or admin account I setup gets the error 530 saying the user is not authorized.  I have looked all over the setup and I can’t find anywhere to specify what users can FTP into my NAS.  I don’t want to use the MioNet solution built into the NAS as it would just be easier to have my clients FTP in.  Thanks again.