Mute between music tracks?

Does anybody know how to remove the mute between two tracks? I do not want the pause between two numbers.

The WDs do not support “Gapless Play.”

TonyPh12345 wrote:

The WDs do not support “Gapless Play.”


Or, to word that differently, …

Even in late 2011, this player, unforgiveably, does not support gapless playback.

Massive head slap.

Steve W

There aren’t many that do…

In which case it’s unforgiveable for the lot of them, as some very cheap portable mp3 players do.

“Everyone else is as bad as us” is hardly a great defence.

Steve W

 Thank you all for you answers. I am very disappointed . Does anybody have any success asking WD for updating firmware for such stuff?

Hi Grundahl,

gapless playback is really missing. I think so, too.

The idea for it should be known at WD, please just vote for it so that this enchancemnt gets into the top ideas under

What I would like to know is:

Is  it  possible with a new firmware or is a different hardware needed ?


Come on WD give us Gapless Audio Support its been a long time coming as it was planned since 2009!

3,606 Votes for it on here too!

Please vote here and support our request for Gapless Audio Playback