"Must Have" on my EX

Hi All,

just purchased my EX couple days back, and see a lot of usefull apps/scripts/tweaks scattered across the forum.

I thought it would be nice to have a topic sort of breaking everything down for newbies like me.

So, what would be 3 thing you’d recomend do  install/tweak for a new owner?

thanks for contributions…


Any specific area that you are looking for? let’s see if some of the users can provide you some info about the apps

My top three of those available would be:

  1. Bittorent sync (installation file and instructions available on their website) - because it lets you use your “my cloud” in same way as dropbox etc.

  2. Transmission - because after data backup always online file downloading is fantastic.

  3. Wordpress - because being able to host your own blog is always a bonus.

My top three most wanted / unsure if already possible with a bit of tweaking. 

  1. Soulseek - best p2p network going. 

  2. Easy remote mapping of shared folders - as this is the best way to manage files when not at home. 

  3. email / calendar server - if I manage to get Wordpress working fully be nice if I get a domain to also be able to use it for email and calendar syncing and if an app other NASs come with.

Mine is a simple list:

  • ‘nano’ text editor. Not like it takes a lot of space and I know it can be cross compiled to work as I have done it.

  • ‘iptables’ and also have the netfilter options required for nat enabled in the kernel - Again I know this works as I have build some custom firmware that has the function, wasn’t exactly hard to do.

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