MUSIC VIEW (the final mini-mod) - (Update 3-2-11)

Ok, this is the Final Mini-Mod for the Music View, at least until my next major mod change (don’t ask, I don’t know when that will be).

This mod includes both Album View and the Album Playing View.  It addresses some fixes, such as correcting the aspect ratio of album art that is not square, fit the album art frame for the larger album art.  This also adds a new lightbar for the Album View and has a new Album playback bar & progress bar.

This also makes the album folder overlay icons smaller, so they don’t take up as much space over the album art.

This is fairly ease to install into your current theme.  Just copy the xml’s to your Theme folder and the images into your Theme / image folder.

ALBUM VIEW mini-MOD (final)



I hope you enjoy this mod & as always, let me know what you think.

UPDATE:  If you downloaded this before, you may want to download it again and reinstall.  I apparently had (copy) in the name of some of the files and forgot to change a number for the info on the progress bar to display correctly.  Everything should work right now.  Sorry about that.

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Also, for anyone interested I also have this version.

Album Playing View (Punk Rock)


If anyone is interested let me know & I will up load it.

i am interested, u have done a great job

Ok, the Punk Rock version has been uploaded.  Just click on the link above.


nice mod!

but i have a question: i can’t see a theme folder - do i have to create one?

and if it doesn’t work, can i remove it w/out any consequences???

The screenshot’s file_browse_focus_bar looks different…could you post it or am I missing something.

Thats because the focus bar for this view is not file_browse_focus_bar.  It’s Music_playback_focus_bar.

lol…that would certainly explain it