Music tracks saved as other in dashboard

Hi…I am currently ripping my CDs on to My Cloud.

Saving them in Flac using media monkey, directly to My Cloud in the public folder-shared music and putting them in a folder called My CDs.

When I open the Dashboard in capacity the files are saved as other…so far 13GB.

The music tracks are showing 48MB.

So far I have ripped about 40 CDs

Any help on this…


Twonky is a strange beast. You might find that reading my FAQ helps:

Or this discussion on where to put your media:

My first suggestion would be checking that Media Serving is enabled on the Shares|Public|Share Profile page.

For some reason, WD chose to make this ‘off’ by default, but enable ‘Media Streaming’ by default.  Both need to be on to get Twonky to catalogue and stream media…

Thanks for the reply…

Media Serving is on.

I will read the links posted…

New to NAS (My Cloud)

Mine show as Music Tracks 13GB. I have Windows 7 SP1 on my computer’s.

I use SmartWare to backup my computers.

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