Music tracks problem

help needed on a topic that i am sure has been covered,but not enough for my novice brain to cope with
here goes: have put albums on my wd mycloud but on play back they play in alphabetical order and not by how they appear on the album. when you visually look on the network drive via pc they appear in numerical order,but on play back through smart tv(lg) or my av reciever (yamaha) they only play back in alphbetical order.on my own investigation through my pc i can see 2 wd myclouds one under network and the other under my pc. have tried accessing both but with same results. my questions are whats at fault here (apart from me) the wd my cloud or my smart tv and av reciever?
any other info needed please ask i shall provide
thanks again

Two things. First use a free metadata editor like Mp3Tag ( or Media Monkey ( to put track/title information/album art into the media file(s). Second I found that I have to label the file name using numbers to get it to list properly in some DLNA clients. For example: 01 Hells Bells.mp3, 02 Shoot To Thrill.mp3, 03 What Do You Do For Money Honey.mp3, etc.

Also see the following thread that has a sort of unofficial best practices/suggestion guide for using the Twonky media server embedded within the My Cloud:

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i have got them in number order already as you suggested,but to no avail.thanks for your quick reply i will look at the link you sent and see if it sheds any light on my afore mention problem
thanks again

What ‘view’ are you using to access your music? ‘By Folder’? Or one of the other, metadata-based views?

‘By Folder’ is most likely to display and play files in the correct order, provided you have filenames prefixed by a leading-zero track number.

Track display/play order is a client problem, not a server (Twonky) problem.

yeah always go by folder option,like i said when i view the files on the pc their all in numerical order(or how they appear on the album).but for some reason when i access it from a smart tv or my av reciever it goes alphbetical.
can i attach screen shots to these posts?

I assume you’re viewing on your PC using File Explorer. This will show by alphanumeric order (or whichever parameter you choose).

Your TV and AV receiver will be using the DLNA server. They may only be using metadata views only. As I said, the clients they are running are likely to be the problem. A better client, like BubbleUPnP, will display and play in the correct order. Sadly, you probably can’t install it on your TV. But you might be able to run it on a smart device and use it as a controller to stream to your AV receiver. Maybe even your TV, if it can behave as a media renderer.