Music Streaming

I have an issue with how streamed music is seen by a network player and whether it is possible to change this.

I use a MBL 1Tb.

Until recently I played music through a Yamaha CD-N500 and Albums appeared in track order and I had no problems.

I have now bought a Marantz NR1504 and when I play music Album tracks appear in Alphabetical order. I have E-mailed Marantz and have been told it is doen to the NAS.

I am not sure I believe this and my personal opinion is that it is down to the software onboard the player.

Has anyone had similar issues and if so is there a way round this without renaming every track individually?

Thanks for your help.


If it was working before with the previews media player, I doubt it’s a MBL issue.

Let’s see if any of the users on the Community have experienced something similar with the same devices.

Anyways, make sure that nothing have changed on the settings.