Music sorting order on PS3

Based on what I have found, it appears that the DLNA server on the MBLD is demonstrating the same sorting problems as the base twonky server found on the original MBLive.  However, since the MBLD does not use Twonky, the fix for adding custom views does not apply.  Does anyone know of any way to fix this or are there any possible software fixes that might enable a customizable order?  To outline my particular situation, and provide my findings:

1 - all of my music is in mp3 format, with at least the Artist, Album, Title, and Track Number tags populated

2 - my music is within a public share and organized by artist, album, and with each individual song file named as ‘track number - title.mp3’ as in this example:  \Music\Artist\Album\01 - song title.mp3

3 - based on the Album and Artist/Album views advertised by the MBLD DLNA server, the list of media is being provided alphabetically based on the ‘Title’ tag from the MP3, NOT based on the original file name

If anyone has any ideas, they would be greatly appreciated.  I tried contacting WD support, but was told first that it is up to the client to tell the server how it wants the media organized when it makes its requests, and once I informed them that the PS3 does not appear to have this capability, I was directed here.

not sure if possible if this is possible dude…

Lets hope one of the network wiz here comes to the rescue

try pm’ing Tonyph12345

Nope, don’t PM me… I don’t have a PS3 so I can’t help…

All I can say is that the sort order is correct on all my DLNA devices (TV, BD Player, WDTVs, etc.)

And by correct, I mean by the TRACK ORDER.  Whether it’s determining it from the filename (which is usually 01 xxxx, 02 XXX, 03 XXXX, etc) or Track Number within the ID3 tags, I don’t know.