Music Search not working

Seems odd but the music search has stopped working. I type in an artist and before the list on the right would populate as I added letters. Now it does nothing and when I go submit  also nothing happens.

Anyone else having this problem?


Have you try to reset the WD TV?

I have rebooted, restarted, powered off several times. I also tried turning the media library off and on.

What other reset can I do?

I deleted my entire music library on the WDTV. I did find an undeletable file that was a classical song. Undeletable because it had a filename of  something like 70 characters.  Anyway deleted it using cmd.exe.

I started copying my music back (not including above file). I cleared the media library cache in the setup. Turned media library off, then on.

I STILL can’t get the search in music working. Is this a bug in the new firmware?