Music Scraping

Hi there, I’m having problems scraping certain music albums. If I select untagged under the media library I find several albums that haven’t scraped any metadata from the meta-source. Its really wierd, cos they exist on the website and they are pretty well known albums, e.g. Greenday - Warning. If I type Warning into search it says no content found in the online db. Are there any search strings that I can use to refine the searches? Does anyone know why this is happening? Thanks

Have you tried pressing the reset button?

Reset Button? There isn’t one…

On the bottom side of the SMP there is a small hole with the name reset.

That resets it to defaults. How does that help?

The reset didn’t work. Certain album still can’t be found when searching for album info even thought they are quite popular. I don’t think its a rights issue as other albums fetch meta data with no problem whatsoever

All folders are structured exactly the same


    —> Artisit - AlbumName

                       ----> 01. SongName

Surely there’s nothing wrong with that

Does the folder and the id3 tag of the album need to be the same?