Music playlists not being found

When I use the Windows or KooRaRoo uPnP servers on my PC I’m able to find my playlists from my iPad uPnP client app but when I use the MyPassport Wireless as my server the playlists are either not visible from the client or they just don’t work. When I try accessing the playlist files directly using the My Cloud app it doesn’t seem to know what the file is I.e see a ? In the display field.
What playlist file formats does MyPassport wireless support and how should I set them up the server database?

It obviously doesn’t work with playlists, and I have requested this feature of WD.  I have told them that my Seagate wireless drive likes playlists and plays from them – hint, hint!

I did some work on this today. It does find PLS formated playlists…so now I’m trying to find a way to easily convert my M3U playlists to PLS format. I’ve got a request on how to do this in at the foobar forum…if when I get an answer I’ll post it here. If anyone has found a way to easily convert from m3u to pls let us know.

Well…my playlists are working now…I had convert my m3u playlists to pls. To do this I used Winamp. Once winamp is loaded and it’s cataloged your music library just open a m3u playlist and then save it as a pls playlist under the same name. Go thru this with each of your playlists and load the files onto the MPW server. Refresh the DLNA server and voila…your playlist files will now work. Although my problem is solved the MPW should able to catalog other playlist formats besides PLS…hopefully this will be resolved in a future firmware release.

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Well, you dug deeper that I would have done!  Good job and a kudo for you.  So, what folder (i.e. the path) did you put your PLS files  in so they can be found?  I use iYunes to creat playlists it defaults to m3u – pls is not even an option.  I will look into winamp, since I do not use it.

Well I did a quick test without success.  I found an online converter which did convert m3u to pls (Try this program and see how it works for you since you got the playlists working on MPW) 

Online Playlist Creator (M3U, XSPF, WPL, PLS, AxBox)

I put the resultant pls file on the MPW and when I clicked on it I got a “Duh” question mark on My Cloud screen.  I also refreshed the DLNA database.  What have I done wrong?.