Music Playlists containing e-grave eg Andrés Segovia

In folder view, the album plays fine. But in playlist view,
“There is not media in the current folder”

Examples of problems Albums/Playlists:
Andrés Segovia
Jacqueline du Pré

Even if the Playlists directories are fine, WDTV will skip the song, Boléro

I have 4000 songs, mostly boxed sets, Classical, Is there someway to modify the playlists ? Or is the only option to retag every problem artist and song ?

What’s the interface language for your Media Player? Does this happen using Media Servers, direct network shares, or direct USB playback?

What program was used to digitize your CD collection, and how did you create your playlists, e.g. using iTunes, Windows Media Player, or some other program?

Sounds like you have the old issue where your playlists have absolute filenames. Playlists on WDTV products usually work if the filenames are relative.

EG if your playlist has a line like -


the playlist should be changed to something like -


(if the playlist is in the same directory as the whole album)