Music Playlist - folder not found

When I try to use a playlist it tells me the folder is not found.

I am guessing that this might mean the playlist is using the absolute path (ie the original PC drive)

What is the best way to set up the playlist for a USB thumb drive?  (It is a .pls)


A question for anyone using a playlist - if you look at the .pls file in Notepad, how does is list the file address?

For example does it look anything like this?

File9=m:\music\bruce springsteen\springsteen\01 born to run.mp3
Title9=Bruce Springsteen - Born To Run

I know it shouldn’t say “File9=m:\music” because that address is on the PC, but what address does it give instead of “m:\music”?

If you have a folder named music on your USB it should be the same but without the m: 

File9=…\music\bruce springsteen\springsteen\01 born to run.mp3


File9=\music\bruce springsteen\springsteen\01 born to run.mp3

Use edit a simple playlist in notepad to see which works.

Your playlist is using absolute paths whereas I believe you need relative paths.