Music playback via MyCloud app on data network

I love my MyCloud 3tb and am really happy with it but here’s my problem…

When I’m at home i create playlists within my android bubbleupnp app which i then play on my home hifi via a denon streamer, awesome , i love it. However, when I’m in the car I’m no longer connected to wifi so the bubbleupnp app cannot find MyCloud - fair enough - so i use the MyCloud app instead on my phones data network but the problem is i can only select a single song at a time, i cannot select a whole album to play through.

As you can imagine this makes the app useless really as i can’t keep selecting the next track to play while I’m driving.

Either this is a flaw or I’m just being downright right stupid.

Any advice?

The app, device (perhaps both) cannot access playlists.  I have passed this request on t0 WD for using app with MPW, and It got to the right people at WD and is supposedly being worked on.

I might add, that my Seagate wireless drive (similar to MPW) app and drive. can play from playlists very well.  COME ON WD, GET COMPETITIVE AND DO WHAT SEAGATE HAS DONE FOR YEARS WITH THEIR DEVICES AND APPS!

BTW, a WDTV can play from playlists, so at least WD knows how to do this, so get it done for your newer products/apps, too.

Thank you Mike, i trust it is being worked on as its quite a fundamental element of music playback. The fact that i can’t even select an album in its entirety to play through is strange, the app it would seem, purely works in a folder format.

Do you or anyone else know anyway around this? Bearing in mind I’m trying to access the MyCloud over a data network not wifi.


I wish I did have a good suggestion, but I don’t.  I have tried the My Cloud shuffle feature, but it is lame – it only works in a narrow range of tracks and is nothing like the Seagate or iTunes shuffle. My “solution” to listen via playlists is to use my 4-yr old Seagate wireless drive or listen via my iPod,  WDTV, or PC.  Since all are on my network and/or connected to stereo system, I can do so rather simply.

Thank you Mike, hopefully it is something they will rectify and update soon.


Ok, so it appears I’ve kind of solved this.

The fault with the WD app is in what file types it can read.

All my music was saved in wma format. However, I’m currently re-ripping my entire cd collection again into flac format. The WD app cannot read wma format so looks for another app, in my case the bubbleupnp app, and in this instance only the selected song plays. However, when i select a song from an album I’ve ripped into flac format, the WD app can play this itself and in doing so continues to play the songs thereafter, even when not in wifi and using my phones data network. Sorted.


Well, not exactly a playlist, but if you are pleased, that’s what counts.