Music Playback Stops After 5 Minutes

Not sure why, but when I play an album, the Live Hub stops playing around the 5 minute mark.  I can count on it to get to the 2nd song, but after about a minute it stops playing. 

I checked the setup for music and turned off “continue playing after 15 minutes” not sure what that is anyway.  When I play videos, that never happens.  Is there something I can do to fix this or do I need to call support? 

It’s probably the screen saver coming on, and if so, that’s a bug.

You’ll need to switch the screen saver to WD Logo Mode if it’s in Picture mode.

Thanks for the tip…will try that later today!

I’ve got the same problem. I’m turning off the screen saver now. I’ll post the results when I know if it works or not.

Stopping the screensaver seems to have fixed it. The music does not quit after 5 minutes any more.

After last update to new version I have the problem not only with playing music and screensaver (slide-show my photos), the same problem when I try to look my photos (slide-show) with music. Music stops immideatly when starts slide-show.

It’s a bug, and it need to be fixed!  

Agreed!  However, in the interim, anybody with the music stopping problem, turn off your screensaver until a patch is issued that fixes the problem.

Amen!!!  I found that my screen saver was set for 5 minutes.  I turned the [Deleted] thing off.  Did this happen in the last firmware update?  I didn’t set it like that voluntarily and the problem just started recently.

Yes, it started in 2.07.