Music on hifi without TV on


I find your product WD TVplay really fantastic but before buying it I have one more qestion. 

Can i connect my home hifi system (Denon m39) and play music using my android phone without turning on tv? How I can do this? Which app I need to have?

I would like to use your device also for playing music without using tv.

Thank you.  

Aleksandar Hrib

Yes you can,

you can use

and there are bunch of others similar apps.

If you are going to use Play just for that, I would rather recommend getting


if you need help with setup, let me know

Thank you.

I would like use my phone/tablet as a base store streaming device for videos and music to both separate tv or hifi.

Any other I suggestion. I think this device will be perfect for this. What you think?

I would recommend WD Live Streamer

Ok. But why not WD Tv play.
Why Live?
I don’t see big difference .

Well WD Live streamer still has firmware updates coming out,

also if at one moment you decide to watch your DVD collection on TV,

you can˝t do it over Play because it doesn´t support mpeg2 and DTS.

Also Live supports Windows Network Share. 

Thank you.
All the best.