Music navigation around media library is slow - continually pauses to load data

Hi All,

I recently bought the WD TV Live Hub mainly to play digital music from the local storage and I’m desperate for help!

I’m finding the music menu completely unusable for browsing songs as whenever you browse by artist, song or any other way the box keeps pausing(for a second or two) while it then loads the next few pages and so on. It makes it impossible to quickly skim from ‘A’ to say ‘M’ and basically for my needs turns the hub into a glorified paperweight unless I am only blissfully happy listening to Abba, Aerosmith or A-Ha.

Now, even the 1st Gen iPod with hard drive was able to cache the artists, or song titles and allow you to skim quickly so I’m really hoping that this is a case of user error or RTFM. 

I’m storing around 25000 songs in a large number of subfolders starting in the root directory of the hub. I’ve upgraded firmware and allowed the media library compiler to complete.

Can anyone please confirm if this is the expected User Experience or any other suggestions?



Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support


I’m finding the same problem; scrolling is slow, and there is no way to jump to a particular place in the list (unless you use the “search” function, which is still slow and doesn’t give me quite what I want either, as the results of the search end up being presented as a list of individual songs).

As a work-around I’m going to re-organise the folder structure of my music (by connecting to the hub from my PC), to create a series of alphabetical folders which I can place the relevant artists inside, and then browsing my music “By Folder” rather than by artist. Other people have suggested using the Playlists feature to achieve a similar goal, but I haven’t experimented with this yet.