Music hangs/freezes


Setup: WDTV Live Hub wired to Belkin N300 wireless N router. Connected to Motorola surfboard modem on Comcast with average internet speeds of 20Mbps download and 4Mbps upload (

I have my 160GB itunes library on my WDTV Live Hub so that I don’t have to eat up that space on my laptop. I use my iPad to stream the music to my speakers connected to an Airport Express. My goal is to hit listen to all my music on a perpetual shuffle of the entire collection. I have played around with several different apps to make this stream happen directly, without having to have my iTunes open on my computer. However, no matter what app I use, the music hangs/freezes/stutters on almost every song. I will be 90 seconds into a song and then it just pauses for about 8 seconds before continuing. This wouldn’t be a big deal every once in a while, but it happens all the time. I thought it might be the individual apps, but I have tried several.

The apps I have tried ( with an issue noted):

Zappotv (couldn’t get shuffle to work for the entire 160GB collection)

FileBrowser (no shuffle)

8Player (great shuffle, would be the player of choice if the stuttering would stop)

I have also tried directly accessing the WDTV ip from the iPad to use Twonky, but it seems to not connect 8 out of 10 times.

Any thoughts on this? Is there a problem with the network that would be causing both the stuttering and Twonky issues? Some other app I should try?



I’d first check in the Hub can stream with no problems to a computer, and if it does then the apps you try are not helping. If the Hub ca’t stream cleanly to a computer then check your router for a bottleneck on traffic.