Music from my Netgear Stora

Hi guys,

I just picked up my WD TV LIVE the other day and am loving it!!

One prob though, I cannot seem to access my music on my Netgear Stora? I can browse all my movies and photos, it just wont show a single MP3 or iTunes Track ?

It seems to be showing my Pictures folders when I browse from the dashboard - Music / Browse folders ?

If I go dashboard - Music /Music/All Music … It says (there is no media in the current folder)

For anyone that knows Stora… I have 3 folders (Family Music, Family Videos,Family Photos) I have put MP3’s and also iTunes bought content in the ‘Family Music’ folder (it also contains the full iTunes library)

Can anyone possibly help?

Are you accessing the Stora via Network Shares or Media Server (DLNA) function?

If you’re trying to use Network Shares, how are your Shares set up?  Seperate share for each media type, or are they all, as you say, folders under one share?

Hi Tony,

Thanks for the reply.

I was tryingt o access them from Media Server shares (I had tried the windowns server / network option but I kept getting invalid user/pass)

Is it possible that I need to get the WDTV to ‘forget’ the settings / content and that it may be trying to pull my music from my pictures folder?

“Media Server Shares” is a contradiction.

There’s Network Shares and Media Servers.

I have been using media servers.

It seems to be listing all content on the drive except for the music (none found)

That generally indicates that your SERVER isn’t listing the files.

You’d need to check in the Stora to determine why…