Music folders appearing in Video and vice versa


I have two shares on a My Book Live, ‘Music’ and ‘Videos’. I’ve set these to share only music and videos respectively. Within these shares I have separate folders for various genres etc.

On my WD Live SMP I use the Media Library and  always use folder view. My problem is that whenever I scan a folder after adding content, that folder then appears in the other section.So I’ll get my music folders appearing in the Videos section and my video folders appearing in the Music section. If I try and enter a music folder in the videos section or vice versa I’ll get the message about there being no content in the folder.

The only way to clear them is to restart the WD Live SMP. But then some of my recently added content disappears and I

need to rescan again meaning the same thing happens.

Is there a way to stop this from happening? When I go in to Music I just want to see my music folders and when I go in to Videos I just want to see my video folders.


Hello, from the WDTV setup menu try disabling the media library and then enable it again. Also check if you have the latest firmware. Check the link below for more information. 

How to automatically or manually update the firmware on a WD TV Live Hub Media Center or WD TV Live Streaming Media Player

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this is a known long standing issue

it primarily has to do with how content is accessed

if it’s via network share

it just displays all folders regardless of what is inside the folders

sadly it’s only for locally attached media

which the WD will filter out folders which do not contain media, or the correct media type

I don’t use media library

but it sounds like media library has the same issue


Im with KAD79 on this one. Disable the media library and good chance this will solve your issue. I have all my media on remote drives without the ML on, and can easily keep vids in one root share and music in another. Works great


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Thanks for the replies all. The solution posted by Ichigo seems to work. It needs doing everytime I add something new but I can cope with that.

The Media Library works well for me with the way I have things set up so I’m not going to give it up on it just yet. I’ve spent a long time configuring everything and this was the last glitch that was bugging me. I can see how not using the Media Library would solve this issue however.