Music Focus Bar follow Active Song

Is there a way to get the music_playback_focus_bar.png to follow the active song.  For example in the below image the song has moved to the next one but I can’t seem to get the focus bar to follow the song…does that make sense?

photo ListMusicFocusBar.png


That might be possible with the configuration of the theme

It’s a great question Dooker. I have been annoyed by that issue since day one with all the themes I have tried. I dont code at all so have no idea why it is setup this way, but it would seem like that would be a basic default action of the hub to highlight the song that it is playing, regardless of theme.



Here ya go  :smiley:

A “Focus Bar” that will follow the Active Song :smiley:


(The ‘faked’ Focus Bar will move from song to song automatically. The ‘real’ focus bar is removed and replaced with text color change when navigating the song list.)


Remember the default behaviour is hard coded into firmware. this is a ‘work around’ for something that can’t be changed.


Joey, you are slowly becoming my wee hero! :slight_smile:

Can I ask?  What lines in Album_playback and inc_generic_nowplaying are modded for this as the xml is completely different from mine?



I’ve looked through the xml’s you provided…thanks.  However, I cannot see for the life of me how you are doing this.  I can see you supplied an image\music_playback_playing_play.png but there is no reference to this image in any of the XML’s in the pack.


How can I achieve this please?

music_playback_playing_play.png is referenced twice in album_playback.xml

This is the Green Focused Bar with the Play Symbol (image is panned 'left' to hide the 2nd play symbol)

<wrapper w="1166" h="54" x="57" scale_type="pan" align="left" disable="@@disable-now_playing_icon">
<image image="@@now_playing_0" y="172"/>
<image image="@@now_playing_1" y="230"/>
<image image="@@now_playing_2" y="288"/>
<image image="@@now_playing_3" y="346"/>
<image image="@@now_playing_4" y="404"/>
<image image="@@now_playing_5" y="462"/>
<image image="@@now_playing_6" y="520"/>
<image image="@@now_playing_7" y="578"/>

This is the Green Focused Bar with the Play Symbol (image is panned 'right' to hide the Green Focus bar)

<image image="@@play_state" x="73" y="638" w="54" h="54" scale_type="pan" align="right" disable="@@disable-audiopanel"/>

music_playback_playing_play.png (black background is for demonstration purposes)


Edit: as a side note .. music_playback_playing_play.png is also used for video playback.

video_run.xml & video_run_buf.xml need to include the @@play_state modification as well.


i hope you work this little gem into Alaska eventually


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Joey as we said in Italian “We should make you a monument” thx a lot also for the weather theme files :slight_smile:

The music player/music interface of the hub it’s really bad and WD have never done any firmware improvement,I have already written in the  Issue Reporting that the music player is missing a basic function like browse an album select one song and add it to the playing list this is not working for flac files at 24 bit, I use to listen to HD music with the hub connected to my stereo Hi-Fi.  I don’t know if it works with mp3 files but for mp3 files I have my own portable music player, I don’t need the hub for that.

Even if they released a lot of firmware updates so far, the media library it’s still a **bleep** and have it enabled or disabled doesn’t make a great difference, if it worked as it should nobody would disable it…

How do I use this with the Alaska “Dark” theme or Black Mamba? I have both installed.

I should add that I have the WDTV LIVE HUB w/latest firmware.

First thing make a backup of your theme folder. Then you have just to copy the files into your hub theme folder and overwrite when asked (for example copy the files into folder named Black Mamba or Alaska), if you found problem delete the theme from the hub and use the backup :slight_smile:     


Since this was a ‘demonstration’ of the requested feature … i just altered a few things in the Default Mochi Theme.

To use with other Themes … values need be to altered. eg. x="", y="", w="", h="" and also the graphics.

I will adapt this for use with my themes AlaskaDark / Light, JSA720 etc.

That was simple enough. Thanks, Plesk90 and JoeySmyth!

@JoeySmyth: Looking forward to your finished Alaska Dark theme. You have increased my enjoyment of the “Hub” tremendously!

Could this be used on spotify as well?.


Could this be used on spotify as well?

Sorry, i don’t know … Maybe ??

Personally, i have never used “Spotify” in the 2.5 Years i’ve owned the Live Hub

i just watch movies.

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I’m having a bit of difficulty with this.  I’ve included picutres (don’t worry about the sizing of the Green focus bar that will be fixed).  If I’m on the list screen and the song changes the old focus bar doesn’t move as shown below:

photo IfremainonScreenFocusDoesntMove.jpg

If I go back to the ‘Now Playing Screen - on the Home Screen’ and then back into ‘Now Playing’ the focus bar does change. Any idea why this would occur of a do you have a fix?

photo FocusBarNowMoved.jpg

If kinda done the pictures the wrong way round but you should see what I mean.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks James (Dooker)



Read my original post again …




Here ya go   :smiley:

A “Focus Bar” that will follow the Active Song :smiley:


(The ‘faked’ Focus Bar will move from song to song automatically. The ‘real’ focus bar is removed and replaced with text color change when navigating the song list.)


So what you’re saying is that it won’t do it automatically (well the FAKE one will) but the REAL focus bar will always remain stationary until we navigate the list?

This line here:

The ‘real’ focus bar is removed and replaced with text color change when navigating the song list.)


My REAL focus bar isn’t being removed at all even when I navigate the list.  I must be doing something wrong! My XML’s are completely different to yours as I have an icon at the side so I have:

<wrapper w="735" h="40" x="49" disable="@@disable-browselist"> 
<image image="@@lightbar_0" y="160" /> 
<image image="@@lightbar_1" y="204" /> 
<image image="@@lightbar_2" y="248" /> 
<image image="@@lightbar_3" y="292" /> 
<image image="@@lightbar_4" y="336" /> 
<image image="@@lightbar_5" y="380" /> 
<image image="@@lightbar_6" y="424" /> 
<image image="@@lightbar_7" y="468" /> 
<image image="@@lightbar_8" y="512" /> 
<image image="@@lightbar_9" y="556" /> 
<image image="@@lightbar_10" y="601" /> 
<image image="@@lightbar_11" y="644" /> 


<wrapper w="30" h="22" x="64" disable="@@disable-now_playing_icon"> 
<image image="image/mambaspeaker.png" y="171" /> 
<image image="image/mambaspeaker.png" y="215" /> 
<image image="image/mambaspeaker.png" y="259" /> 
<image image="image/mambaspeaker.png" y="303" /> 
<image image="image/mambaspeaker.png" y="347" /> 
<image image="image/mambaspeaker.png" y="391" /> 
<image image="image/mambaspeaker.png" y="435" /> 
<image image="image/mambaspeaker.png" y="479" /> 
<image image="image/mambaspeaker.png" y="523" /> 
<image image="image/mambaspeaker.png" y="567" /> 
<image image="image/mambaspeaker.png" y="611" /> 
<image image="image/mambaspeaker.png" y="655" /> 

So is it the @@lightbar_0 that is messing things up?

which yours doesn’t have.  Is there something here that is mucking it up?