Music files missing in wd 2go

I cant see all the files in wd 2go that are in the folder on the mbl?

thanks in advance for you help.

Hi dude, what kind of music files are missing?

Mp3’s. Its weird. When i put music in the shared music folder on the mbl i can see, in explorer, all the music that i put there. But when i view the shared music folder thru wd 2go files are missing. And it changes when i open wd 2go different times. Also it changes if i delete them from the mlb shared music folder and copy them  back to the mbl shared music folder and view again in wd 2go. In all cases when i view mbl in explorer the correct number of files are there. The problem only occurs when i view thru wd 2go.

mlswjh, I have exactly the same problem. This seems to be a fundamental problem with WD2GO i.e. it doesn’t work! You’ll probably find that you can see different files when you connect to your network in your house over WIFI and different files again when you connect over 3G from outside your house. I found that on 3G a lot of files were missing, but on WIFI in my house they were there. Do you get the same thing?

Yes I do. The number of files i can see each time i open wd 2go on 3g or different wifi vary. The number does not necessarly repet in the same location. 

Since the My Book Live is using the connection of whatever network it is on, it will be limited to the upload speed of that network. Your device’s connection may also play a part in accessibility if you are in a low-coverage area.

Other factors that will cause delays are if the My Book Live is using a Relay Connection or a Direct Connection. It is absolutely essential to have a Direct Connection in order to have optimal connection speeds for your setup.

If your Router does not use UPnP or has a non-standard variation of UPnP, you should setup Port Forwarding. We have an in-depth Knowledge Base article for setting this up here: