Music collection limit?

Last night my computer finally finished transfering my music collection of nearly 50,000 songs. The weird thing is when i go onto the Hub an search it says there is only 18,750. It has not added anything new to it. I have turned it off then on. The device manager shows that the disk the collection there, and when looking at the hard drive from a computer it shows all the artists and folders.

Is there any way that i can get the Live Hub to add the rest of my collection to its list.

Well, you could go into Setup, System, Media Library and do the ‘Clear Media Library’ thing. That will clear and re-build the media library. Then you can see how many items it finds. With 50k items it might take it a while.

I suspect the media library gets a little confused at times when there are large numbers of additions and/or deletions. I had to do it when the hub “forgot” about a bunch of movies, but it was all properly counted again after the ‘clear’.

Just a question? Does the “Clear Media Libary” thing, just refresh the collection for reading or does it also make you have to get the content info again? I’ve backed up my metadata folder, but does anyone know if I have to go get the info all over again if I clear the media library from settings?

The time I did a clear media lib I did NOT lose metadata/extra info I had retrieved for movies.