Music artwork does not appear correctly on WD App (Or in ITunes!)

I store my whole ITunes music library and artwork on my WD Cloud device (a copied mirror image of the folder structure from my PC) however the artwork album artwork thumbnails do not correspond with the correct album on my WD App. There are thumbnail duplicates and also gaps. Video and photo thumbnails are fine. I also note that there is no album artwork showing in ITunes on my desktop PC when I stream music from my WD Cloud device. If I access my ITunes library on my Desktop PC hen the artwork is present and correct.

I have tried talking to Apple directly in connection with ITunes but they were less than helpful

I am using a WD Mycloud 2TB device with 2.30.172 firmware.

Please help?


I notice a similar problem with my copy of iTunes Media folder on my WD DL2100 NAS. None of my music or videos was downloaded from iTunes store. Music is either from my CD collection or my download serve, eMusic. I use a variety of apps to play my music or videos from the NAS, including the MC app. All display the artwork for music files except the MC app which displays the default “broken file” icon for album art. Videos have a thumbnail beside them in the MC app, but the videos are not within the iTunes folder.

This all indicates to me that the issue is centered with the MC app not reading the iTunes Media folder correctly, whereas other apps and hardware can. I am working with WD toresolve the issue. Dealing with Apple would be a waste of time.

While writing this I recalled that in my iTunes Media folder I do have a few mp4 music videos – from YouTube downloads I made years ago. In the case of these videos, when played via the MC app there ARE correct thumbnails beside the videos and they play perfectly via MC app on the iPad. This indicates to me the issue is with reading the art in music files in the MC app, but not with the video files.