Multitude of Errors - New EX4100

Just received my EX4100 NAS.

Firstly although the drives all show as being good, i cannot access the drives and the drive light is red.

Secondly the firmware will not update. The manual button is greyed out and the automatic update seems to sit there and do nothing.

Not impressed

I encountered the same issue with my new EX4100. You probably bought the NAS without drives?
Before you can do anything, you must first create a volume. After that, the lights will go blue and you can update firmware.
Hope this helps.

Hi, If i create a volume, l will lose all my data on these drives.

@stamati76 Let me see if I understand.
You received your new diskless NAS recently and you populated the NAS with disks you already had, and those disks have data on them?

Are you configuring for JBOD? Or RAID?

If it’s true that you have data on the disks already from a different device, then I’m not sure it will work as you like. The NAS will probably require that the disks be wiped.

…or maybe I’m just not understanding your issue correctly.

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@dunbone Thanks for your reply, really appreciate being able to talk to someone with some tech knowledge. I presumed this before phoning WD support, however they said it should read the disks without any configuration. I thought that was wrong because the NAS needs to be configured as JBOD or RAID, which means wiping the disks. Anyway, i have bought two 6tb Red drives now, so time will tell.