Multiple WDTV Live problems; reboot *sometimes* fixes

Initially whent he WDTVL wouldn’t play audio for a vid (MKV), I thought something was wrong with the codecs of the file. No biggie. Then it started happening more often… AND on files that I KNOW I had successfully played. So I’ve recently started rebooting whenever this happens. Here’s where the fun starts. After any 1 reboot I might get any of these symptoms:

* can’t connect to my network share (clearing login credentials does nothing)

* files I know previously worked won’t even attempt to play, saying “unsupported file type, see manual for list of supported types” (paraphrasing)

* some MKV files will play video over the network share, but with no audio; local USB drive copies of the same exact files work fine

* some MKV files will play video with no audio from either network or thumb

In every case, another reboot will scramble the results and re-present them to me. Fun!

Are these known issues? It makes using the WDTV Live VERY frustrating.

What version firmware are you using? A lot of us had to downgrade to version 1.03.49 to solve problems like you are describing.

I have the latest available via the interface update feature. I’ll look into downgraded to 1.03.49.

Thanks for the tip. Bummer that WD is being so coy about this.