Multiple WDTV live plus on local network issue with shares

First off I did search and browse the forum for answers first, accept my apologies up front if these question have been asked before

Two or more WDTVLive Plus on network, but only one with USB drives.

WDTV Live Plus,  running the latest official firmware and hard wired to the network.

I purchased my first live plus and was very pleased, I have a huge DVD collection I have been backing up to iso files, each with there cover scanned as a jpg.

These iso files play great in the home theater room, so I purchased a second WDTV Live Plus as a a test unit. I placed this in another room in the house on the same network sans any hard drives.

On the second unit, I see media severs icon but theres nothing in there, I go to the network share and I can see the other WDTV no problem, it plays the iso’s no problem. 

However as a network share I see both the jpg cover files and iso’s. The iso files still display the cover picture correctly but it also shows the jpg as a separate file rather than hiding it.

What I was wanting to:

Master WDTV Live Plus, to hold the media on local USB drives.

Remote WDTV Live Plus eventually (4) on the local network, display the iso files with cover art hiding the separate jpg files from view.

Prevent users on the network with OSX and Windows from mounting the shares and copying the ISO files. ISO files should only be played on a WDTV. I can password protect the drives but then If I have to enter password in the remote WDTV then the users will be able to mount the drives. Don’t want my son giving the iso’s away to his friends.

does the WDTV have its own media server, if so and I can get that working I can take off network files share and copy the files via USB drives.

Hope this makes sense.

The WDTV Live+ does not act as a DLNA SERVER, so that won’t work for you.

The Duplicate Thumbnail issue is a long-standing item.   We don’t expect that to ever be resolved.

You can password protect the USB, and tell the WDTV to REMEMBER the login info.     That way, it will log in automatically and no-one will see the user-id and password.

Really, I think you’d be better off with a NAS system rather than using one WDTV to be the NAS for four others…