Multiple WD Elements treated as 1 WD Element

Hoping someone can help me with this one.

I have purchased 3 x 2.5" WD Element 3.0 External Hard Drive. When I connect each one of these to my computer separately, they all work fine and can be detected and used as per normal. but as soon as I connect a 2nd one to the computer. so having 2 WD Elements plugged in, only the 1st one will be recognisable, the 2nd one can not be detected.

Have done test as follows. Let’s name my 3 hard drives A, B and C.

  1. Plugged A in, and copy files as per normal. Unplugg A - Success

  2. Plugged B in, and copy files as per normal. Unplugg B - Success

  3. Plugged C in, and copy files as per normal. Unplugg C - Success

  4. Plugged A in, and copy files as per normal, plugg B in - A recognisable, able to copy files, B unrecognisable, did not show up in the computer.

5 Repeat by alternating hard drives. The first to be plugged is always recognised, 2nd onwards unrecognisable.

Have considered this being a naming issue, but after giving them three different names, it is still unrecognisable. when you right click on the bottom tray to unplug any hard drive, it seems the name they all use is “WD Elements 10A2 USB Device” and therefore when you plug in a second 10A2 device, it recognise that a drive of that name already exist, and doesn’t show the 2nd one. It seems to think it’s already showing it. When I click into ‘hidden devices’ the 2nd hard drive is showing up there.


I then try to plug in 1x 10A2 device and 1x 10A8 Element, and they are both recognisable.

Is there a fix so that I can use more than 1 10A2 device at any one time?


This is a signature collision problem.

It has already been discussed on this community a number of times.

The following article explains how to fix this.

Only one drive is seen when connecting two WD external drives of the same size to a Windows 7 or Windows 8 PC