Multiple WD Elements drives failing after little usage?!

Hi - I’m having major problems with multiple WD Elements 1 and 2TB drives that I use for periodic weekly backups of my MacBook Pro 2015 and associated data.

What I’m finding is that they are all breaking after a short while of very light usage. I get loud clicks, whirrs etc from the drive enclosure, and then the data corrupts, and I have to wipe the drive and start again. Then after a short while the problems resurface.

The issue is, that I have multiple drives doing this - 4 by my most recent count. These drives were also bought over a different time period.

While I know these aren’t premium drives, I would expect them not all to be defective and break under light use. I have hard drives from other brands, of a similar quality/price, and they all work as you’d expect (i.e. I think I can reasonably eliminate power issues etc damaging the drives).

My question is, what do I do about this? I refuse to believe WD has such major QC issues that they are all failing so quickly… But I also struggle to come to any other conclusion. Can anyone suggest further diagnostics I can do?



Please be informed that the environment in which the drives are being used may not be appropriate for the optimal functioning of the drives. A few possible causes of abnormal behavior of the drive include a bad USB cable, a faulty USB port, unsafe ejection of the drive for the drive itself may have gone bad. We recommend avoiding USB hubs, use a different USB cable, connect the drive to a different USB port to isolate the problem.

We would recommend you perform a diagnostic test on the drive to determine the optimal health of the drive using the following link

“How To Tell If The Noise or Sound An Internal Drive Makes is Normal”