Multiple Video Problems

I have a problem playing .wmv, .flv, .mkv, and .avi files.  I read the FAQ and understand that this is a device with no codecs cool.  I also understand it depends on the container. The video plays for like 5 secs then it stops and return to the browser.  IF THE VIDEO PLAYS CAN’T BE A CODEC PROBLEM RIGHT? I tried playing the video on another device with no codec support and it works. (PS3 Media Server) So I tried everything thing downgrade the firmware update the firmware still that same problem.  Please help thanks.

You mentioned browser. How is it that you are streaming the videos?

Also have you tried reseting the unit?

To reset the WDTV physically hold down the reset button on the side where the USB port is for 4 seconds and release

I’m not streaming the video on the device only on the Playstation 3. Yes I did reset the device same problem.