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I’m thinking of this device for me and my wife, but i have a couple of questons befor purchasing.

1: Is it possible for me to share some folders with my wifes account? Like one folder on my users data for all of our pictures, that she can see, modify and add photos?

2: Is it if 1 is not possible recommended to use one account for me and my wife? And is it with one account possible to upload photos from more than one device? Like two different “mobile uploads” folders?

3: Will the device get a bittorrent-client?

4: i want to couple one or more devices, is that, or will it be possible? For redundancy? Or will it be possible to mirror the device to a regular mycloud?

Hello, paarsand,

  1. Currently the My Cloud Home does not support sharing folders between users. If you would like to request this feature please post in the My Cloud Home Ideas board
  1. Yes, you can use a common account for two people.Multiple mobile devices can be backed up to a single account.

  2. the My Cloud home doesn’t have bit-torrent app but you may be able to set the My Cloud home up as a backup destination

  3. Currently there is no option to backup the My Cloud Home to another My Cloud device. Backup to a USB drive is a feature that has been requested and may be added in the future. At this time there is no estimated date when this feature may be released.

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Hi @logan.h
Thank for the shared feedback, I would like to add a question…
What would be the difference between using one user (main account) or adding a user.

  1. Adding a user would that make the files private for each user ?
  2. If there is no privacy issue (example me and wife), Using one user account seems to be the right thing, right ?
  3. Do you see any issues with time machine from multiple user. I guess no… ?

Thanks in advance for the feedback