Multiple Users of WD photos to access My Book Live

How to I get multiple users (me, wife and family)  to access the photos that are on My Book Live.

Basically I have got a My Book Live attached to my network and using my MioNet account I can see all the photos on the drive in my iPhone via the WD Photos app, but when my wife logs on it says No devices found.

There can be several reasons for this:

– make sure you have given the ‘user’ created for your ‘wife’ sufficient rights to the pictures (shared) folder.

– Check that whether the devices appear ‘turned on’ for the ‘user’ in mionet.

Another way to tackle this problem is to create a single account for you and your wife and just giving view access to the pictures using mionet to other people with whom u want to share the pictures.

The WD Photos app will only work for the owner of the WD Network Drive. Please make sure you are logged in with the MioNet account your drive is attached to.

We do have a feature request on our list for accessing a network drive share grant through WD Photos, however there is no ETA on it.