Multiple TVs

i have an old wd hd media player and connected to it is a wd 2tb HDD.

i would like to play files and medias on multiple tvs with multiple live plus or live hub.

each room with the tv has access to an ethernet port via my uverse cable box.

Can i just buy a live plus connected to the 2TB of medias and that will act as a NAS  and a media server

and buy 2 more live plus for the other tvs. will the other 2 live plus be able to connect to the one with the HDD and stream from their?

or would i have to buy a live hub for each tv in order for them to connect to each other

hope that makes sense.

thanks in advance

One Hub can serve multiple TVs / players.

so i would i have to get one hub and 2 live plus players?

im assuming that a live plus with a hdd via usb port wont act as a media server?

and the other two live plus players wont be able to connect to the one with the hdd?

A Live / Live+ can act as a SHARE server, but not a MEDIA server.

ah i see.

thanks again.

i guess i’ll be buying a hub then.