Multiple Time Machine same computer?

I’ve Snow Leopard and Time machine in MyBook Live, how i change hard drive, ram and Lion clean install, i also change the name of the hard drive and the computer, but when i did Time Machine it goes over the one i had but without access from time machine… 

Is it posible to have two Time machines from the same computer?

Any one had do it?

I think time machine uses the Ethernet ID of your mac to give the sparsebundle it’s ID. If you look at the name of the sparsebundles created by snow leopard you can see it in the file name. Lion doesn’t use it in the file name but I guess it still uses it.

Found this on how to change your Ethernet ID:

***** I’m not 100% sure that my above statement will work and do not know if changing the ethernet id will impact any other functionality on your mac. I suggest you do some research first before you make any changes. *****